How It Works

When you create your DipTwice personalized Haggadah you will have access to the extensive array of content and images to add to your own treasury of material.

Some tips before beginning your book

1. Think about your own family traditions as they relate to Passover. Do you have...

Cherished recipes you make?

Meaningful readings that your family enjoys?

Favorite songs you sing?

Traditions that are repeated year after year?

Family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation?

New pieces of Judaica that you have acquired?

Artwork that evokes the themes of the holiday?

Photographs of beloved relatives?

You can upload all of these things to your account before you begin or while you are in the process of creating your book.

2. Begin by signing into the DipTwice site. You will be asked to choose several options for the structure of your book.

The size and shape of the book: 8x10, 10x8 inches.

The direction you would like your book to flow, left to right (standard English language books) or right to left (standard Hebrew language books)

The type of cover for your books, hard or soft cover. This will be calculated in your total cost. You may change this at any time during the creation of your book.

The style of your books – Contemporary or Traditional

This will determine which art elements, fonts and content themes that will be pre-populated in your templates. You may change this at any time during the creation of your book, though you will lose any content you have already inserted into your book. You can also choose to create your book from scratch, using the prayers, translations and transliterations we provide. You can then use our content, images and decorations  to create your OWN STYLE.

3. When you begin your book, you will be offered pre-populated pages with prayers, translations and transliterations. You can then use our templates, which have been arranged by style theme (contemporary or traditional). You can change our designs by deleting our materials and adding your own, and by adding additional materials from our Library and Gallery. You can continue customizing each page to the extent you like. Copies of all prayers can be found in the DipTwice Library.

4. Once you have completed your book and placed your order, you can expect your DipTwice Haggadahs to be in your hands within seven (7) business days of your final order.

5. Prices are as follows:

                    Hardcover books are $39.95 for 40 pages. Each additional 2 page spread is $1.

                    Softcover books are $27.95 for 40 pages. Each additional 2 page spread is $1.

                    Volume discounts are available. Shipping and handling are extra, depending on the size of the order and delivery location.

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